Diaper Stackers

The first time people look at the diaper stackers I create they ask me what they are. You don’t see them much in the stores and most people haven’t a clue about them until they use one.

So what is a diaper stacker exactly? It’s several pieces of fabric sewn in such a way that it can hang from the side of of a baby’s changing table or crib. You can pile in cloth or disposable diapers in the diaper stacker and they remain close at hand for changing baby’s diaper.

Lest you think the handmade diaper stackers are just for babies you can also use them for adult diapers. These adult diaper stackers are handy to have nearby when a person is bed-ridden.


Candy Cane Joyful Table Runner With Bells For Accents

Candy Cane Table Runner With Button Accent

Give Thanks & Let’s Be Thankful Table Runner

Happy Thanksgiving Table Runner

Merry Christmas Table Runner – Candy Cane Border With Bell Accents

Butterflies Ergo Burp Cloth

Cute Cow Burp Cloth

Flowers & Butterflies Ergo Burp Cloth

“Pebbles” Burp Cloth

Purple & Green Ergo Burp Cloth

Zoo Animals Ergo Burp Cloth

Diaper Stackers

Retro Teddy Bear Diaper Stacker


Baby Buggy Quilt / Wallhanging

Cotton Candy Multi-Colored Toddler Quilt

Teddy Bear Quilt & Matching Pillow

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